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Ayurveda Month – Happy New Year

Did you know we offer Ayurvedic health and wellness coaching? Many of our treatments support this lifestyle and philosophy. And they’re featured as specials this month. While each treatment can be booked on its own, Ayurveda is a way of living that embodies ritual. And aligns with your unique make up – or dosha. Are you a kapha? A pitta? Or maybe a vata? Or maybe a combination of two?

An Ayurvedic Consult with Kelly can help you uncover this about you!

The treatments that we offer at a discount this month, in support of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle (or just to take care of you) are:

Abhyanga-Garshana with Steam


This lymphatic-focused massage is part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle that promotes optimum health and wellness through a dry brushing technique and application of warm, dosha-centric oils.

Ayurvedic Hair Treatment


More than a trim or a style this treatment includes massage with warm Bhringara oil that stimulates, soothes and leaves hair looking lustrous while promoting a deep relaxation from shampoo to blow dry.



An ancient energy-focus wellness treatment involving gentle touch that promotes healing and health while reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing relaxation.

Marma & Reiki


Peace, calmness and a balanced flow of energy are created through massage focused on marma points. Warm oils and circular motion enhances tranquility and wellness.

Nutriplenish Mask


New from Aveda! This decadent super-food infused hydrating mask is the luxurious treatment your hair is craving! Add on to any hair service this month for only $5!