Five Elements Salon & Day Spa

Body Massage

Elements for Massage

At Five Elements Salon & Day Spa, we create a relaxing full-body experience with different massage techniques, such as Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone, as well as calming Aveda aromas and oils incorporated into each massage. We can provide you with an environment to escape from the daily stress of your life and focus on being completely at ease.


Aveda Aroma Massage 60 mins $85 / 90 mins $120

Address stress, muscle tension, and lack of energy with this customized Ayurvedic massage. After a thorough consultation, your therapist will provide you with the best combination of products, personalized Aveda aromas including Rosemary Mint (invigorating), Shampure (calming), Stress-Fix (stress-relieving), and Beautifying (uplifting), and customized massage techniques.


Deep Tissue Massage
50 mins $90 / 80 mins $125

Aveda deep-tissue massage focuses on areas of pain and discomfort to break down muscle adhesions while relaxing muscle spasms and trigger points. This treatment will help release toxins and allow your body to regain flexibility and well-being.


Aveda Purifying Stone Massage
 80 mins $140

This massage relaxes your body and mind, and treats muscle pain and tension. We use heated stones and Aveda oil blends to infuse your body with a sense of overall tranquility and comfort.


Cupping Massage 50 mins $100 / 80 mins $140

NEW at Five Elements! Cupping massage is an ancient form of alternative medicine designed to relax the body through the specialized use of suction. Cupping brings heat and oxygenated blood to a very concentrated spot on the body using the low pressure created inside the suction cup. This draws toxins to the surface of the skin, where they can be flushed out of the body more readily from the lymphatic system. Cupping massage is especially beneficial for  those who suffer from inflammatory diseases, and it has the potential to release adhesion in as little as ONE session.

* Cupping massage does leave marks on the body, but these marks should never be painful to the touch, and should dissipate in a matter of 2 days to a few weeks depending on the body and how long it usually takes you to heal a bruise.


Therapeutic Massage 50 mins $80/ 80 mins $115

This massage is for anyone interested in increased flexibility and range of motion, pain reduction, and improved postural awareness. The therapist will determine your needs and establish a treatment plan best suited for you.


Maternity Massage
50 mins $85

Discover the perfect way to honor the miracle of life and relieve the physical stress of carrying your baby through maternity massage.


Couples Nature Massage
60 mins $170 / 90 mins $240*

Together, you can begin your journey to relaxation with a soothing foot soak. We follow this with a personalized massage experience for two, based upon the Aveda elemental nature philosophy and your favorite Aveda aromas.

*Upgrade to a Couples Deep Tissue for an extra $10/person

ADD-ON: Aveda Scalp Massage
15 mins $20 / with blow dry $40

Try a relaxing scalp and head massage with conditioning benefits.

ADD-ON: Steam Session 15 mins $15

Enjoy deeper muscular relaxation and an enhanced spa experience by adding steam therapy to your massage or body treatment.