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Thriving (not just surviving) Winter with Ayurveda

Winter is a vata time of year – chilly, dry and windy. Implementing practices that honor the opposite of such works to create a balanced lifestyle. But how do you that?

To begin, you can eat seasonal foods – a winter harvest of squash, root veggies and lentils will give you comfort and warmth. Hot herbal tea will soothe and hydrate. Adding healthy oils to combat the dryness of the season lends itself to nourishment – cooking with such ingredients as olive oil, or ghee. You could enjoy a hot cuppa fruity oats in the morning to ease yourself into the day – with a fire in your belly and a comfort in your soul.

You can practice self-care with warm organic oils for massage. Again, warm to balance the chill. For this ritual, we have just the thing! The Abhyanga Garshana treatment. It is designed to exfoliate the skin, stimulate blood flow, increase circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. It’s a regimen that can be tailored to your dosha for optimum health and wellness. Not sure what your dosha is? Engaging a wellness coach can uncover that.

Vitamin D! On the days when the sun graces us with the brightness of winter in Vermont, go get it. Take a walk, get out your snowshoes, go skiing or sledding – or maybe just head outside and build a snowman! The warmth will balance your mood and lend a light to your soul.

To learn more about how Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching can work for you, and to discover your dosha(s) book an Ayurvedic Consult with Kelly. With years of Ayurvedic knowledge she looks forward to guiding you to a thriving Winter lifestyle and beyond with the teachings of this ancient yet oh! so relevant philosophy of health and wellness.

Happy, healthy Winter to you from all of us at Five Elements! Go out and THRIVE! If we can help you along that path, we’d be honored.

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