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The Mother Within Us: Embracing Heart to Heart Connection

Before we were born we probably experienced the deepest heart to heart connection jet. The connection to our mothers. We were surrounded by the vibrations and sensations of her pulse and heartbeat. Some studies show that pregnant women and their baby synchronize heart beats when she starts breathing rhythmically.

This is where we all come from, something we have all experienced. Since then we have been born into a world with many facets and experienced both pleasant and painful experiences. It is probably unavoidable that the capability to connect heart to heart is forgotten and distant. It only need practice to regain the trust and skill to do so.

The Practice of opening your heart:

Both our body and mind holds tensions that we will unlock when opening our hearts. We can use the power of our mind, the power of sound and the power of movement. There will never be such a moment when one will say: now my heart is open. It is more like a journey into the deepness of your heart. With every step you take you get deeper. Every little practice of 5 minutes will strengthen the connection.


3 Foundational Practices: 


Yoga Asana: Physical body

In Yoga the physical practice is important to release tensions and gain space in our body for energy to move and us to breathe. Therefore, it is a good idea to repeat some of these heart opening poses before you enter into the other practices.


Mantras: Healing and purification through sound.

In Yoga we believe that sound is vibrations and vibrations have an impact on our energy. The heart is one of the biggest energetic centers of ourselves and we can heal and purify it through the sound of our voice. The vibrations of our voice will stimulate energy and release blockages and bring balance. Below is a Mantra you can practice for opening the heart:


  • Yam – the sound for your heart chakra – Anahata.

    – Chant Yam once for every exhale, making the “m” a humming sound vibrating through your entire body. Feel the sounds vibrating in your heart. Repeat this for a few minutes. Then close your eyes and observe in silence.

    – Place your fingers on your pulse and close your eyes. Say Yam synchronized to each beat. After you found your rhythm love your fingers away and continue for a few minutes. This is a practice to connect to your heart but also to bring the heart into a rhythmic beat again.


Meditation Visualization: Gate to your heart

Seated in a quiet environment this meditation will make you feel your heart powerfully even after only 5 minutes. In this practice you inhale into your heart and with each exhale you let the love spread from the heart into your body. The power of visualization here is very important. Imagine the love as a light or green roots spreading through your body. Visualize your heart as a Gate. A Gate that with every exhale opens a little bit more and more light can come through it. You can use affirmations matching these visualizations too (exp. I open my heart to myself. )


But why do we want to connect with one another deeply? 

With an open heart we cannot just live richer but also connect deeper to others. There are many scenarios where an open heart will benefit your relationships. In a difficult encounter with a loved one, keeping an open heart will bring love, empathy, and compassion into the situation. People often speak from pain and fear. Being able to feel empathy and compassion can help one to not take things so personally and redirect their energy towards feeling for the other person as well as themselves.

In a beautiful encounter with a loved one, the open heart can bring them to a level of strong love and deep connectedness. You will really be able to feel strongly the love for and from each other. The more both open their heart the more love can be received, sent and experienced. If you love someone deeply, isn’t it wonderful knowing that connecting to your heart will help you feel even more love?

On old wise Thai Lady told me once: Imagine the love for yourself and others like a glass of water. The bottom half of the glass has to be filled with love for yourself and the upper half is the love for others. You always have to fill your own love first before you can fill up the love for others. Your self love is the foundation of being able to love others. And if you feel empty you have to love and treat yourself first before you can share love with others. Reflect now on the deep heart connection of the mother to her child, and of your mother to you. Her love is still within you, pulsing throughout your veins and synchronizing with your inner love and appreciation for yourself.