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Energetic Pathways to Finding Your Balance

The feeling of being at ease and feeling in balance is worth gold to many of us. Waking up to tensions in our body and a stressed mind makes everyday life harder and less enjoyable. There are many things that bring the body out of balance. For example stressful times at work or unexpected changes of events. That’s why we have to restore this balance again and again in our every day life. The benefits of being at balance with our mind, body, and spirit are a multitude. Balance means to feel peaceful, grounded, and in contentment about life.


Manifested emotions and how they turn into disease

There is no person without emotions. They are associated with either our past or future. One may experience fear of the unknown future, yet that fear is based on the past. The emotion can fully live and burst out of you. One can suppress it or become the observer of it in its coming and its going. In what way we interact with our emotions is both a choice and a practice.

Emotions are subtle, spreading through the body and mind. As they become crystallized, each emotion (fear, grief, judgment) has an affinity to a certain organ. As an example, grief and sorrow accumulate in the lungs where these emotions in the future can manifest as diseases. Negative emotions impact the body gradually. They are complex and affect our neuro-immunological responses, making the immune-system overactive. Our goal is therefore to not let these emotions manifest in our body, but rather become aware of them in their coming and going.


This simple 5 minute meditation can help you balance your emotions

Sit or lay down, start to observe your breath and emotions. Put yourself into the role of the observer, the one who is aware of their emotions. Use these affirmations in repetitions to strengthen your meditation.

‘I observe every emotion without labelling or judging it. Awareness of my emotions is love and freedom. Everything flowers, so even emotions flower. My emotions turns into love and dignity.’


Can you relate to the feeling of being unbalanced and stressed?

Do you remember the last time when you felt in balance? Most of us have not felt like this in sometime. Also, in correlation with current events, many of us struggle to find the ease and lightness in our body. Isn’t it weird how we simply accept these tensions and feeling of unease for long times of period? An unbalance in the body can be felt through many ways from tensions in the body. This can be seen in symptoms such as head ache to a lack of energy and hair loss. What unbalances could currently hold you back from unfolding your full energy and ease in life?


Paths to restore the balance in your body

There are many paths to take that will restore this balance in our bodies so we can feel calmer, more rejuvenated and grounded. We at Five Elements believe that our energetic balance is something we have to take care of in the same way we treat our hair and workout to stay fit.

Marma Point Massage. 107 marma points cover our human body. 107 places where two or more types of tissues, muscles, veins, ligaments, bones and joints meet. They are an intersection of the vital force and prana. We achieve realignment and balance the bodies healing energies through marma-point massage. Often the person can feel each point releasing and come into a dynamic flow of energy in the body.

Reiki an incomparable energy treatment that one has to experience to understand. You may experience the energy in the form of sensations like heat, tingling or pulsing where the Reiki practitioner has placed their hands. It is an ancient and sacred healing art. The goal is to bring harmony and balance into the body, mind and spirit, by releasing energetic blockages and bringing the energy in ourselves into flow.

Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT) is a gentle form of bodyworks that involves stretching and positioning to bring the body back into alignment and balance – offering deep regenerative relaxation, restoring range of motion and reducing or eliminating pain.


Let your energy bloom 

Step on your path to finding your balance again. If this is something that would be new for you, we want to encourage you to take the step to rejuvenate your energy and simply try something new to treat yourself. We believe these techniques, that have been preserved and polished over centuries, benefit us in a very special way. Once you step on your path, which seemed hidden in the past, you can discover a new place with in you. A oasis of peacefulness where you stand grounded and in contentment about life.