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Do You Need to Cleanse?

Are you aware of how much you can support your body’s task to clean and detox every cell of itself? Isn’t it amazing how our body is just doing it’s job to keep us healthy as a result of that?
The Body has an amazing natural ability to cleanse and detox itself, even from the most harmful substances. Unfortunately, there are a few factors that make it harder and harder for our body to do its job as good as it wishes to. Increasing exposure to toxic substances through the food chain and a stressed nervous system result in a weaker digestive system.

It could be time for a cleanse if you experience one or more of these symptoms of toxicity:

  • Cravings
  • Poor digestion
  • Allergies
  • Rashes
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain

Ayurveda doesn’t have any one-size-fits-all solution—no silver bullet to heal one and all. Instead, it teaches us how to better align with our truest inner nature in order to guide a very gentle and authentic healing process. You are one of a kind, special in your own way, and for this you can find your path to healthiness which leads to happiness. Do you know what is good for your body? Have you learned how to properly support your amazing body in your everyday life? Before we share with you ‘5 Easy Steps to nourish your 5 Senses’, here is some Ayurveda Philosophy at its finest.


A quick dive into holistic philosophy: 

One of the main pillars of Ayurveda is a healthy digestive system where our bodies can simply detoxify easily. But sometimes we need to give our bodies a bit of a rest. Stop overloading it, support our digestive fire, Agni, and relax our mind. Then our bodies can effectively digest and eliminate. It can reset so we once again feel light, energized, wholesome and radiant.

Ayurveda looks at cleansing something we do two times a year. One going from summer into fall to boost the immune system before the flu virus and allergies. This way we are strong to fight them successfully.

Second, one transitioning from winter into spring. The food we crave in the winter is usually heavier due to slower activities for most of winter season. A cleanse in Ayurveda is a philosophy where one makes time to take care of body, mind, and spirit and get ready for a new season.


5 Easy Steps to nourish your 5 Senses: 

These are small habits we can bring into our everyday life to support our body’s cleansing. Remember even the smallest changes added up over years will impact your life and wellbeing.


Morning Rituals: 


  1. Tongue cleanser and Daily Oil Pulling: Use the tongue scraper 30 seconds in the morning to eliminate toxic waste from natural overnight detox. Have another 3 minutes? Put a bottle of sesame oil in your bathroom so you are always ready for an easy oil cleanse in the morning. Put a spoon full of oil in your mouth and swish it around for three minutes (don’t swallow). Enjoy a fresh breath!
  2.  Nasal spray and Neti Pot: A Ayurvedic Nasal spray (we recommend Solavedi Organics) will nourish your nasal canal, where bacteria is prevented from hibernation when healthy and cared for. A Neti Pot? Neti, or nasal rinsing, is a process of cleansing and purifying the nasal passages with a nasal rinse cup and saline solution.
  3. Self-massage with Oil: Massage lymph area with Solavedi massage oil (Pitta, Vata, Kapha) or any other oil that matches your Dosha. Take a warm shower to soak in all the good oils.
  4. Ear Drops: They help as an anti-inflammatory and bacterial cleanser. Moisturizing the ear space for improved healing.
  5. Eyes: Use 100% organic Rose Water for cooling and balancing effect on your eyes. Spray in face and blink slowly.

We hope you found one or more steps that spoke to you. Is there something that you would like to make a new habit? We, at the Five Elements Spa, really hope you found some inspiration to approach a new way to treat your body. If you have any questions or are looking for oils and tools for cleaning your body, feel free to stop in at the Salon. We are happy to assist you and educate you on what is right for you.


Find your tools to a balanced body:


An all-round Ayurvedic lifestyle incorporates nutritional guidance, herbal medicines and much more that restore balance and harmony. Kelly, who has been studying and practicing Ayurveda for over 10 years also offers consultations to find your personal  nutritional formula that when practiced will result in self-healing, good health, and longevity. The best way to change our habits is knowing how to, having the right tools at hand and someone by your side to assist us.

Have we sparked your interest? From now on we offer monthly Blog Posts written on Ayurveda and Ways to Balance our health of Body, Mind and Spirit. Stay connected to discover more.

Have a wonderful day.