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Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT)

Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT) is a comprehensive program of recovery from both chronic and acute neuromuscular pain that is safe, effective, and gentle. IPT has been successfully used to address many neuromuscular conditions often when other approaches have failed. These conditions include neck, shoulder, and back pain; sciatica; plantar fasciitis; knee and ankle pain; tennis and golfer’s elbow; carpal tunnel syndrome; headaches; fibromyalgia; and many other conditions.

IPT treatment uses gentle stretching and positioning to bring the body back into balance. During a session, the client is encouraged to wear comfortable clothing to allow for ease of stretching and positioning. After an in-take, postural assessment and gentle palpation of the affected areas, the root causes of misalignment are identified and treated. Following treatment, a wellness plan outlining supportive stretching and strengthening exercises and lifestyle changes/workspace improvements is provided to help the client maintain long-term treatment outcomes. One of the most important parts of the recovery program is that the client becomes an active participant in their own healing process. When recommended exercises are practiced faithfully and lifestyle/workplace improvements are implemented, the results are often dramatic and long-lasting.

Vickie Gillhouse trained with Lee Albert, the developer of Integrated Positional Therapy, at the Kripalu school of Yoga and Health. She teaches weekly IPT Yoga/Body Maintenance classes to help people understand how to keep their bodies in balance. She has also assists Lee Albert regularly at Kripalu teaching Integrated Positional Therapy and Structural Yoga remedies.

Vickie offers Integrated Positional Therapy sessions on Mondays at 5 Elements from 10 – 4. Initial sessions last 80 minutes and include time for intake, assessment, treatment and wellness plan ($90). Follow-up sessions are 50 minutes ($75).

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