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Please Read: Latest Update for Our Clients

We want to take some time to reach out to all our guests and thank you for supporting us. This year has brought many changes to Five Elements, and “business as usual” has taken on a new usual. With this in mind, we have some updates for our guests.


We are booked!


This is something we are very excited about, but it has also changed the way we are able to accommodate our guests. We would ask all guests to please keep in mind that if they are looking to get a certain service at a certain time they book their appointment 2-4 weeks ahead of time. If you need to get in short notice, we would recommend getting on the cancellation list as we do have some day of cancellations.


Appointment booking has changed.


In the last year we have seen a huge influx of phone calls regarding booking appointments. We thank you for your patience as we answer these calls and respond to voicemails as quickly as we are able. We always encourage our guests to book their next when we check out as this ensures they will get the appointment they want and alleviates some of the pressure on the phones. We also want to let all guests who use our online booking service know that an appointment request is not approved until you have confirmed with the front desk. Additionally, we are continuing to work to find ways to improve our appointment booking system in order to serve you better.


We are working as quickly as possible to accommodate all guests in a timely manner.


You may have noticed there are more assistants on the floor than there used to be, and maybe you have even had your stylist utilize the assistant for your hair service. While this may seem different, it ensures you still get the expert service you count on while we accommodate you as quickly as possible.


Lastly, like so many other business, we want to let our guests know that we are experiencing a hiring shortage.


We would love to accommodate day of appointments with the same flexibility we used to have in the past, but for this season it does not seem possible. Please know that we are so thankful for you all, and that the guest experience is still our highest priority. We hope that by keeping you informed on these changes to Five Elements that you will be able to get in for your appointments when you need them and still experience the same high quality service that you have grown to love.



Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We hope to see you soon!