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Ayurveda Immunity Building and Daily Rituals

Immunity in Ayurveda is based on the interactions between mind, body and spirt. It is vitally important to build daily rituals that support inner balance. The body follows the mind; hence dis-ease eventually causes disease. In order to strengthen the body to prevent progression of disease, one must establish a healthy diet, exercise and most importantly daily rituals.

Ayurvedic rituals are primarily based on supporting and enhancing the immune system through daily rituals. The rituals focus solely on boosting immunity…again, they are all connected but fall under three different categories, mind, body and spirit.

Daily Rituals for the Mind

• Unprocessed Foods (organic)
• Activities that promote serenity (peaceful walks and calming music)
• Environment (fresh air, water and sunlight)
• Head Massage
• Consistent sleeping and wake up times
• Having fun and laughter!!!

Daily Rituals for the Body

• Full Body Oil Massage
• Placing specified ayurvedic oils in the nose
• Gargling with Oil
• Daily Exercise in Nature
• Showering or Bathing with Eucalyptus Fragrance

Daily Rituals for the Spirit

• Helping others (charity)
• Empathy and Compassion
• Love- food for the soul
• Meditation- Connection with God
• Drinking decaffeinated tea, ginger/cumin tea and lemon juice
In order for ayurvedic immunity to be effective the mind, body and spirit all need to be nourished properly, but in different ways. To continually promote connection and balance of mind, body and spirit there several types of overstimulation and negativity that should be avoided. These most common include stimulants such as coffee, black tea, alcohol and drugs. In addition, watching news with violent or negative content ought to be eliminated from one’s daily routine. Finally, and most importantly criticization of self and others should be avoided at all costs.