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Level 1 Seraphim Blueprint Class: Seraphim Healing
with Tom Rigler, Certified Seraphim Blueprint Teacher
When: March 19, 2017, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: Five Elements Salon & Day Spa
Cost: $180

Register: 802-773-8005

The first level consists of two separate energies. You will receive downloads of these powerful healing energies from the highest order of the angelic realms.

Seraphim Blueprint Level 1 heals us physically and emotionally, laying the foundation for further spiritual growth. The first two energies given in this class heal the self, and can be used to send distant healing to others, as well as in person, including pets and animals. Being initiated into these energies allows for a greater sense of internal union and a stronger immune system.
Practical application: Learn how to use these angelic energies to assist in healing yourself and others, both in person and distantly; create a protective healing grid in your home, office, or garden; activate daily connections of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies to maximize good health and personal growth; empower crystals with Seraphim energy for yourself and others; plus much more.

There will be opportunity to learn and practice healing techniques. Upon completion of Level 1, you will be a certified Seraphim Blueprint healing practitioner. It also enhances modalities you may already use. No prerequisites. MORE INFO

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Yoga For Pain Relief: Steps to an Extraordinary Life
APRIL 23-26 2017
Mountain Top Inn & Resort (www.mountaintopinn.com)
$485 for workshop
$985 for workshop and accommodations

If you suffer from chronic or acute pain, Lee’s workshop is perfect for you.
You do not have to live with this pain!

Learn three powerful practices of the ancient yogis to alleviate non only
muscular pain, but also mental and emotional stress.

With this simple routine, you can easily learn to eliminate or reduce
most painful conditions, reduce stress and achieve a calm alertness in your life.

• Learn specific yoga poses to balance your muscular
system and achieve a pain free body
• Learn breathing exercises proven to balance your
nervous system and elicit the relaxation response
• Begin to learn to balance your brain and cultivate a
calm, focused presence
• Enhance your body’s natural healing response


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